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What to Do When Facing Technical Difficulties During a Virtual Notary Session

It is essential for notaries to be prepared for any technical difficulties that may arise during a session. These issues can disrupt the smooth flow of the signing process and cause frustration for both notaries and signers. To help mitigate such challenges, notaries can provide valuable guidance to their signers. In this article, we will outline a checklist of steps that notaries can advise their signers to follow when encountering technical difficulties during a virtual notary session.

Checklist for Dealing with Technical Difficulties:

Refresh the screen: Sometimes, a simple refresh can resolve minor technical glitches. Instruct signers to click the refresh button on their browser or use the appropriate keyboard shortcut (typically F5 or Command+R) to reload the page. This action can help clear temporary issues and improve the overall performance of the virtual notary platform.

Try a new browser: Different browsers may have varying levels of compatibility with virtual notary platforms. If signers encounter problems, suggest that they switch to an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. This step can often resolve browser-specific issues or conflicts with certain features.

Switch devices: If the signer is using a computer or laptop, they can try switching to a different device such as a smartphone or tablet to continue the virtual notary session. Sometimes, the issue may be specific to a particular device, and changing to another one can provide a more stable and reliable connection.

Check internet connectivity: Poor internet connection can lead to lagging, freezing, or disconnections during a virtual notary session. Advise signers to verify their internet connection by running a speed test or checking with their internet service provider. If the internet is unstable or slow, suggest using an alternative internet source such as a mobile hotspot or connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.

Contact technical support: If signers have exhausted the previous steps and are still experiencing technical difficulties, encourage them to reach out to the virtual hosting platform's helpdesk or technical support team. Provide them with the session ID and any relevant information. The platform's support team can troubleshoot specific issues and provide personalized assistance to help resolve any lingering technical problems.


In a virtual notary session, encountering technical difficulties can disrupt the signing process and cause inconvenience for both notaries and signers. By providing signers with a checklist of steps to follow when facing such challenges, notaries can empower their signers to troubleshoot common technical issues independently. Remember, the key steps include refreshing the screen, trying a new browser, switching devices, checking internet connectivity, and contacting the BlueNotary support team. With this guidance, signers can navigate technical hurdles more effectively, ensuring a smoother and more efficient virtual notary experience.

Checklist Summary:

Refresh the screen
Try a new browser
Switch devices
Check internet connectivity
Contact the virtual hosting platform's helpdesk or technical support team
Additional tip: If the signer's internet is unstable, suggest using an alternative internet source such as a mobile hotspot.

Updated on: 20/05/2023

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