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Open Calls

For Pro Hybrid plan users, you will be able to pick up open calls that come in from BlueNotary sourced leads. Open calls are first come, first serve.

Open calls will appear automatically on the Dashboard. An email alert will also be sent out. You can pick up the Open Call through your dashboard

Pick up Open Calls when available here

BlueNotary is paying out $10 for each Open Call completed!

To pick up the call, first confirm the details of the session using the dropdown button on the left side of the call item.

Check Session Details

Inspect the Document here

You will be able to review the document and scheduled time to decide it is agreeable for pick up.

If you do pick up an open call and fail to complete the session, you may risk suspension of your account. Please be sure-footed before accepting an open call.

If the call has already been picked up by a different notary, it will be below in the "Recent Open Calls" section of your Dashboard:

See past Open Calls here

Notaries will be required to pass our Open Call Testing in order to be eligible to participate in the Open Calls program
DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee a certain volume for open calls.
Custom charges are not allowed for open calls.

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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