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Notary Fee Schedule

Updated September 20, 2023

Platform fees CHARGED if you want to bill your client privately/separately (Pro Hybrid only):

GNW Signings:

Notarization first seal - $3 (fee to cover the cost for KBA + ID processing)

Additional seals - $0

Additional signer - $4

Authenticated Witness - $4

Witness as a Service (using BN network) - $10

Closings (Loan Signings/Estate Plannings):

Closing by Invitation - $25


BlueNotary platform PAYOUTS for services:

GNW Signings:

One notarization seal by invitation - $22 (we use $3 to cover cost of KBA+ID processing)

One notarization seal by open call - $5 to $10

Additional seals - $4

Additional signer - $0

Witness as a Service - $5

Closings (Loan Closings/Estate Plannings):

Closing for BlueNotary Client - $30

Please note that this billing is automatic if you do not select to bill your client privately and there is no need to send an extra invoice using the invoice feature.

See the Business Fee Schedule.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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