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Test With A Friend- How To Send An Invitation

This is a walkthrough for how to set up the “ Test with a Friend” feature.

This is perfect for notaries to get comfortable with the platform. It can also be used for potential clients to get a feel for what they can expect a typical signing to be without asking them to upload any personal information.

We have a video as well as a step-by-step visual guide:

1 From the Blue Notary Dashboard, click "Test With A Friend”

2 Fill out the “signers” name and email address.

You can use a fake name here, the future authentication will take place using a pre-filled testing identity. Please note, you can not enter any real information as this is merely a sandbox test for getting familiar with the technology/program and not a real authentication.

3 Select the date and time

Leave everything else on this screen as is. Just scroll down to where you choose a date, time and time zone. You can experiment with authentication mode, type, and session type later.

4 Upload your Document or Template

From there you will scroll down. You have the choice to upload a document from your templates or upload a document from your files. After the file has been uploaded, click send invite.

5 Test Reminder

Lastly, you'll see a reminder that this is a test session. Click ok and the invitation to your test signing will be sent to your “signer”

This is a test reminder

For more resources check out the BlueNotary Youtube

Or the BlueNotary Facebook Group

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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