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Test With A Friend- How To Send An Invitation

This is a walkthrough for how to set up the “ Test with a Friend” feature.

This is perfect for notaries to get comfortable with the platform. It can also be used for potential clients to get a feel for what they can expect a typical signing to be without asking them to upload any personal information.

1 From the Blue Notary Dashboard, click "Test With A Friend”

In your dashboard, click "Test with a Friend"

2 Fill out the “signers” name and email address.

You can use a fake name here, the future authentication will take place using a pre-filled testing identity. Please note, you can not enter any real information as this is merely a sandbox test for getting familiar with the technology/program and not a real authentication.

Fill in the top half of the form with appropriate info

3 Select the date and time or Notarize now, Upload your Document or Template

Leave everything else on this screen as is. Just scroll down to where you choose a date, time and time zone. You can experiment with authentication mode, type, and session type later.

Choose the time, Upload a Pre-Tagged Document, or Upload your own

4 Test Reminder

Lastly, you'll see a reminder that this is a test session. Click ok and the invitation to your test signing will be sent to your “signer”

This is a test reminder

5 From here it creates a session

Please note this is a session with a "Test Account Identity". Don't worry, your email still sent to the correct email

Your Meeting with Michael Lindquist

On the Signer Side

You will click the invitation in your email and come into your invite flow

1 Add addition signers, witnesses, or documents

*Only if you need to!

Upload Additional Docs if you like

2 Scroll Down and Click Next

Add any special notes, and click the "box" confirming nobody has signed this document

3 Click Meet the Notary

Click "Meet the Notary"

4 Complete your KBA Check

You will have 2 attempts with a 2 minute limit 4 out of 5 correct.

5. Follow along with your notary to Complete your Session!

For more resources check out the BlueNotary Youtube or the BlueNotary Facebook Group

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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