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Scheduling Notary Sourced Clients

*Scheduling Notary Sourced Clients

Virtual notaries are becoming more important as more transactions move online. However, scheduling a notary transaction can be challenging, especially for those new to the profession. This is generally how long each step of the process would_ ideally_ take. There are always exceptions in both directions and depends on a variety of factors so see what works best for you. The most I've ever done so far is seven in one day. Was it doable? Yes. 100%. But after that day I decided I was too stressed making sure everything ran smoothly that I would space out the signings. You will have to find your own threshold for number of signings and scheduling. This is a general guideline on what I've found.
Here are the time frames to schedule a notary sourced transaction:

Contact the title company by email or phone (10 mins)
Coordinate with signers, usually via email but could be a phone call or text (10 mins)
Tag the document (5-20 mins)
Notarize the document (5-45 mins)
Follow up (5 mins)

It's recommended to wait until you have a general flow before booking clients back to back. This will help ensure that you deliver high-quality notary services efficiently. Remember, scheduling a notary transaction can be** complex**, so taking your time is key.

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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