Saving ID images within your BlueNotary Session:

Saving ID images within your BlueNotary Session:

As virtual notaries, it is our responsibility to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the digital world. In some cases, title companies may require notaries to save ID pictures as part of the transaction process. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do this within your BlueNotary notarization session.

Communicate with Signers:

Clearly communicate with signers about the requirement to save their ID picture. Inform them of the purpose, reassure them about data security, and obtain their consent before proceeding with the notarization process.

Right-Click and Save:

During the virtual notarization session, when the signer presents their ID for verification, use the right-click option on your computer mouse to save the ID picture. Choose an appropriate location on your computer or designated folder to store the file securely.

Maintain Data Security:

After saving the ID picture, prioritize data security by promptly encrypting or password-protecting the file. Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and follow best practices for data storage and protection.

Updated on: 20/05/2023

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