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Notarizing a Document

To begin, click Invite Signer button.

Fill in the details and date/time for the notarization. You can also upload the document or a template at this stage.

The signer will receive an email with instructions about how to start the process.

You should be on the app ready well before the meeting is due to start. You will see a notice in your Dashboard that the signer is ready for the live session. You'll also receive an email alert that the signer is ready to sign.

Click Go To Session to go to enter live session.

Identify your signer. Click the Check Signer ID button to verify the signer's identity visually.

Drag and drop all your needed elements onto the document as needed for the notarization - including names, dates and signatures. Finally, drop your notary seal. Once everything is final, hit Complete Session.

Make sure to check that both you and the signer have added signatures to the document before completing the session.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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