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LSA Open Call Guide

General Terms

BlueNotary subcontracts with loan signing agents at will to service various contracted lenders, title agencies, and associates.


Several loan closing types will be serviced: HELOC, refinance, etc. In order to apply for LSA Open Calls, you should be familiar with most common types with at least 100 closings completed. In addition, you'll need experience working with RON (either LS or GNW) at least 50 sessions.

For full details of required qualifications, please see here:

Typical Use Case

Call comes in - including name, loan documents, scheduled datetime for session
Call is accepted by an LSA
Document is pre-tagged by the LSA
Signer(s) complete ID proofing processes
LSA and Signer join the live session
LSA reviews signer(s) ID and completes the closing

Edge Case Scenarios

Signer drops from the session (either weak WiFi or closed browser). Please allow some time for signer to re-join. If 10 minutes passes and the signer still has not joined, terminate the session and report to support chat.
Signer does not match ID. Terminate session and report to support chat.
Signer refuses to sign. Terminate session and report to support chat.


No need to mention BlueNotary affiliation to complete the closings.


Payouts will be weekly. Rate is $30 per completed closing.

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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