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IPEN (In-Person Electronic Notarization Guide)

IPEN stands for in-person electronic notarizations, which are notarizations conducted in-person. This means that the signer must be physically present with the Notary at the time of the notarization. However, the documents are presented in a digital format and signed using an electronic signature, while the Notary applies an electronic seal and signature to complete the notarization process.

This whole process can take place on one account.

Supported devices include laptops, computers and Ipads.

Signers will not need to create their own unique login information, as it can all be done from the notary account.

1 Create a Session by Clicking "Invite Signer"

Start a Session by Clicking "Invite Signer"

2 Enter your Payment Information

In order to Invoice Outside of BlueNotary

Enter CC and Continue

3 Send Notary "invitation" & Re-Enter the IPEN Session by clicking "Pre-Tag"

4 Click Start User Authentication

Click Start Authentication

5 Select which User you want to Authenticate

Click Start Authentication

6 Double-check to make sure you are authenticating the correct signer

Double Check which User is Authenticating

7 Scroll down and Click Next, after entering Personal Info

Click Next, after entering Personal Info

8 Authenticate through Biometrics or KBA (assuming authentication was not skipped)

Authenticate through Biometrics or KBA as normal

9 Add more Signers or Witnesses and Confirm Authentication as needed

Confirm and Add Signers and Witnesses as Necessary

You must comply with your states rules and regulations regarding IPEN.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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