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How to Allow Pop-Ups

You will need to enable pop-ups to do a variety of tasks on BlueNotary like connecting your Payouts and Retrieving your Document after a Session

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide for how to do this on Google Chrome:


Click on the three dots in your upper right and then click "Settings"
How to Open Settings


Click on Privacy and Security
How to Open Privacy and Security


Click on Site settings
How to Open Site settings


Click on Pop-ups and Redirects
How to Open Pop-ups and Redirects


Allow for all sites to use Pop-ups
2 Methods to allow Pop-Ups


or create specific exceptions for and
Sites to Allow Pop-Ups for

If you're still having issues getting pop-ups to come up, you may need to:
Clear your cache
Restart your computer
After this, repeat the steps above

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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