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How does multi-signer session work from Notary View?

If you have a need for a secondary signer, you can easily add them to your session. When creating the session invitation, click the Add Multiple Signers box. Then add the email address of the secondary signer(s).

Add a Second Signer

Secondary signer(s) must pass perform required ID + KBA or Biometrics (unless you have chosen to SKIP KBAID) analysis using _their own separate device and account_ before joining the live session. 

The session is able to begin when the primary signer initiates the session call. And the secondary signer(s) can join at any time after.

Be sure to get signatures from each signer before completing the session.

You will be able to check if KBA+ID is completed or not in the session details dropdown.

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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