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Everything you Need to Know about Digital Certificates for your SOS

With new technology come new learnings. Here we talk about your digital certificates.

You may need a copy of your digital certificate in order to submit to your SOS in order to get started and onboarded. 

There may be a bit of confusion around this as your Digital Certificate is not an easily viewable document. In fact, it is not a document at all. Your Digital Certificate is automatically encrypted into every document that is exported on BlueNotary.

In order to obtain a copy of your Digital Certificate, you will first need to Complete a Session using BlueNotary’s Session Simulator. Most of the time, states also request your Eseal and your Digital Signature, these can be applied during the session. The Digital Signature itself is encrypted into the document when the session is completed and the document is exported.

You can check to make sure that your Digital Certificate was attached using this method.

You will not be able to view your Digital Certificate by itself as it is a .p12 file.

*Some states have ambiguous wording and ask for a Notary Certificate as well (ex. Idaho). For more info on the difference between a Notary Certificate and a Digital Certificate see here. In these cases you will have to reach out to the state to clarify if they want a Digital Certificate or a Notary Certificate, but for all submittable Output Sample files, the Digital Certificate will be attached. If you feel the need to attach a Notary Certificate as well, you can do so, and it should not affect your submission to the state.

If you have any difficulties throughout this process, please reach out to let us know.

Updated on: 07/01/2023

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