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Alabama RIN Special Conditions

Alabama Remote Ink Notarization

Although Alabama Notaries are not able to perform traditional Remote Online Notarization, you are still able to perform a version of Remote Notarization that most refer to as RIN (Remote Ink Notarization). Please note that Alabama citizens are still able to have their documents notarized online, albeit from Online Notaries in other states.

You will need to follow the guidelines in the Alabama Notary Handbook and in accordance with Act 2021-319.
Additional Alabama Notary rules and regulations can be found here.

The following requirements are unique to Alabama in comparison to RON:

An original wet signature will need to be signed directly onto the document
In addition to KBA authentication, the signer will also need to provide a 2nd form of Government ID
An attestation that the Alabama Notary was physically located in the state
The signer will need mail the document to the notary, for them to then apply their signature and seal

BlueNotary recommends uploading whatever document you are signing and signing both in the physical and electronically for added posterity, but the wet ink notarization is what matters. The eSignature will hold no validity.

BlueNotary provides a recommended Remote Ink Notarization Notary Certificate from the APJA available in a certificate package for $5 within your account

Below is a relevant excerpt from the Alabama Notary Public Handbook outlining session requirements.

Screenshot from Alabama Notary Public Handbook

Alabama Notaries Public are not eligible to participate in the BlueNotary Open Call Program
Remote notarization may not be used to notarize an absentee ballot application or an absentee ballot affidavit, or for any purpose related to voting. Ala. Code § 36-20-73.1
As Alabama Notaries are not able to perform traditional RON, we recommend reaching out to your Secretary of State to apply pressure so that you too can join the rest of the Union in being able to notarize documents fully online anytime, anywhere.

Updated on: 26/04/2024

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