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How to Set up your Business Account

When you first sign into your Business Account you will be signed in as the account admin.

The first step if you are not using the BlueNotary network will be to add your own notaries to your account.

To do this,

Navigate to your account settings
Click "Manage Notaries"

How to add your Notary Account to your Team

Add your notary's email (if you want to use the same email, you can enter do so by entering "+notary" before the @ in your email

ex. "" --> ""

Type in the email here

Select if they will have the ability to "invite signers" and the notary account will be added

The Notary will need to open up their email and click "Get Started"

Look for this email

If you have any special customizations, you will need to perform a test run sending an invitation out from the admin account to confirm all your configurations are correct how you want them. If you need to change anything in this after going through your flow reach our to our chat support and we'll get you sorted ASAP.

Do a Final Test Run!

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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